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Non-profit, Friends of Capitol Forest thanks Carter for his support

Carter is a proud sponsor of Friends of Capitol Forest (FOCF). FOCF is a mountain bike based non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining and building trails in Capitol Forest. It holds regular trail maintenance work parties and organizes mountain bike rides on a weekly and monthly basis. Carter is happy to contribute to FOCF's efforts! For more information, check out the FOCF Facebook page.

Carter attends CBC Racing's Meet the Team Ride

On September 29, 2012, I attended the "Meet the Team Ride". The event was a success and many new faces were spotted in the peloton. The weather was also perfect for the event. CBC Racing is looking forward to another successful year of racing bikes in Washington and beyond!

Carter speaks on Back Talk with Dr. Andy Rosser

As you may know, I ride and race bicycles. One of my fellow team members, Dr. Andy Rosser, is a chiropractor. Dr. Rosser is such a great guy and helps many of us on the team with various cycling related health issues. He is also a certified cycling coach and bike fitter. His office is located in downtown Olympia where he serves the community at large. Check him out!

In April of 2012 he invited me to speak on his podcast, Back Talk. The topic of the conversation is essentially "what to do if you are hit by a car while riding your bike." Check it out.